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Interview # 7 – Abdul Basit, Host: Muhammad Yousaf
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Introduction:  Been doing freelancing for more than 6 Years as Web-Based Application developer.

Reason to join Freelance world: To get some extra money during my study time as a student.

JOB: Initially, started freelance slowly and grow my income to $1000 PM. Since the start of freelance, it helped me to not think about Job and did not need it.

Earning: I have $70000 up to date.

Education: Computer Engineering graduate and programming was in my core studies. Also, due to my passion in development, and seeing the scope I grow towards this field.

Start of Freelancing: To be very honest, in the beginning, I studied HTML and CSS. I got the first client who was also interested in learning CSS, and HTML and I use to teach him also for one hour daily.

In the beginning, it was hit & trial method everything was mess up from profile building to communication. But I studied & learned during that time and implement the leanings.  It took 3-5 months to get my first deal.

Freelance Platform: I also studied how many projects are posted on the platform. Like in different categories, programming, WordPress development was booming at that time. So, learned WordPress and improved my skills in Web-Based application development such as HR System, Payroll, inventory management, accounting, warehouse management, membership module for a different organization and all of these fields are high cost.

Where did I learn: I never said no to any project? I got learning from google, youtube, udemy, and other different sources and get hands-on experience on that project.

Suggestion for Freelancers:  I would suggest new freelancers develop experience and learning in that field in which you want to grow. Make yourself technically strong. I have a 95% + rating.

Mistakes I Did:  Did not expand my team & develop marketing. One man job. Don’t want to distribute work. You could lose potential clients if you work alone. Can bid on multiple projects if had a team. People only focus on Individual profile and did not bother to grow as a company.

Problems Faced: I started outsource wordpress development, and other project.

“Yousaf “, You need to focus on One thing on which you have command and outsource all other works, the chances of growth is high. Freelancer doesn’t distribute power and don’t expand.

Out sourcing experience. Was both good and bad. Some projects were not done properly that were outsourced and handover to those freelancers who are already working on multiple projects. While some are very helpful that are responsive and punctual in delivering projects.

One Strategy: Freelancing is your full time business – it’s not a job. Be consistent, keep morale high. Consider you client work as your own.

Managing Clients: Major clients from USA, UK and Australia. Expand your team. Build your company profile.

Self-Learning: Don’t stop learning process. Now learning AI.

Non-skilled Freelancers:  Do Job to build your skills for 2-3 years. For self-learning, Google is a Best resource. See the emerging jobs, skills needed in the market. Keep learning in the field of interest.

Freelancer is a Brand Ambassador of his country: Don’t cheat your client. Be fair. Make a Good impression by giving your best work, fulfill your commitment timely.

Market Competition:  Do reasonable bid and adjust pricing.

Winning Bid: Tell clients that you know client requirements, how you can fulfill the project. Showcase your relevant projects in portfolio. Send your time zone availability for work.

Build your profile smartly. Be consistent in bidding.

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