“Do something different. There is a formula of doing everything…”

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Interview # 1 – Guest Hisham Sarwar
Host: Muhammad Yousaf
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Introduction: Hisham Sarwar is the Founder of Infomist & Being Guru – top rated seller on Guru.com and trainer at DigiSkills.com

What is Freelancing: It’s a Digital Labor Work. Everything that belongs to Digital Landscape is Digital Freelancing, and all other non-digital work is simple Freelancing. If you are more like a self-employed and not hired on fixed salary then you are working as a freelancer.

Featured on Guru.com:  That was an accidental discovery – the formula that I applied throughout the journey, in order to be successful in the crowd of billions of people. You don’t have to follow the crowd.

In my bidding I attach a video that describes out myself and project understanding and it gave me edge  over other freelancers in the marketplace. That unorthodox frame worked out for me on freelancing platform.

Do Something Different: You have to look different, do something different. I am connected with Yousaf Salahuddin (Allama Iqbal Grandson), for the last 10 years or so. I have groomed a lot from being under the influence of such people & places.

Satrangi Forumula: The formula that worked out for me is called Satrangi Forumula – to my surprise I was getting response from all around the world in my freelancing career. It’s kind of a nice sales pitch, the moment the employer see it. I tend to present myself & services in a short Video through bidding application. In this way, I stood apart from the crowd. I could have failed. Fortunately it clicked, the rest is history.

Team Building Process: Success of any Business depends on its Head. This is the same in case of health, business. When you heedlessly get out of and think Business would automatically run on its own – there is no such thing as Auto-Pilot.

In US marine, everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. It is your responsibility to make a decision. Without team building, your business can’t flourish.

In case of Govt. if there is a good team, it will flourish the country and if not it will deteriorate it. In U.S.A, 30-40 Members alone runs the entire country. You have to fire multiple times, before you get to the right person. Incompetency should not be tolerated in any case. I also have built team after multiple ins and outs.

The mission, vision of team member should align with your business vision. Take Stick and carrot example. If you have no self-motivation – If you don’t lead from the front, how can you expect from the peer.

For those Trying to Build Team:  You have a huge responsibility when you are hiring someone. Things to consider – Do I really need it. What about future. What if I am unable to get future works? Foresee, do I really need in-house team. Second thing, see if you are able to get long term work or else you could save money.

Skills Importance: Skills are very important. Need to upgrade yourself with time – soft or technical skills but those without skills can do business but not in the long run. This applies to every field. Need to know-how of the business you are doing.

When you are less than 30 you have ample time to do mistakes. You’ll learn from mistake. At least try 3 fields or skills. Try a couple of things, one that you find your interest is your field. e.g., People laughed at Imran Khan, when he used to exercise in Zaman Garden in 45 degree temperature.

Identify skills and polish it with passion. For people above 30 Years, the window of making mistake is very minimum – you cannot experiments or test/trial. You are limited in selection. Using inner intuition, you have to pick one field and keep working on it. And above 40 years Age, train young people to follow your vision and mission. 50-60 Age enjoy your saving.

In-house or outsource: In outsource money goes to someone outside the country. Can be adopted initially, but need to shift to in-house. In the long run, one should follow this.

Mindset:  Mindset is everything. If you want to survive the catastrophe. Where there is a Will there is a way. It’s the mindset of Quaid that Pakistan came into being. It’s a mindset of Captain Imran Khan that he thought – once my team clicks we’ll win the World Cup. Mental strength can be develop through exercise – one need to practice to build it. In my case, I use to watch one tutorial and practice it the other full day. You only lose when you give up.

Driving Force: My childhood was not pleasant one. Bullied a lot. Then come to a point I just fought with myself.  Was not good at academics but proved myself in sports. When I indulged myself in sport related activities, it raised my mental strength.

Suggestion & Advice for Newbies: Digiskills Vision is to empower Pakistani people who want to make a difference and earn online. So it’s a big opportunity for women. You are as big as you challenge yourself – if you are willing to do, there is a way. For pros, I would suggest to improve & upgrade yourself – that is the need of the hour. Read Books if you have personality problems. Consistently Strive.


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