“Don’t tamper anything – System don’t know your intention, it only knows your Data…”

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Interview # 10 – Mohsin Muzaffar, Host: Muhammad Yousaf
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Introduction: Former Upwork country manager. Now Head of Payoneer Pakistan. Started a career from a Telecommunication Company back in 2009. And then moved to freelancing in 2009. Within 2 Years, Upwork approach me to be their Country Head.

Also, runs Digital Media Agency for more than 9 years. And in online entertainment industry for the last 4 years. Recently joined Payoneer, working on Freelancer & companies to help them with the payment method.

Skills Identification:  Did Computer science but never used my studies practically. The first project was $1.5 / hr. web research project. Initially did 2-3 web research and customer support projects.

There was a Client who builds Facebook pages. He needed WordPress sites at that time. That was a very interesting curve in my journey. It took 3-4 days to build his site. This was my transformation from non-technical to a technical field.

To learn those skills you need few resources. But in terms of output, it takes a lot of time

I started doing different technical work. Then ultimately worked with big companies and digital marketing.

If you are working to grow client in one capacity, but if his company is doing different other works – you need to learn those skills as well. And in this way, you’ll be in a client environment.

Top rated seller: What are the ingredients – Competition was low. Things were new at that time like fbml, started a professional career with Mobilink and support that helped me in developing communication skills.

When I moved to the agency, did few experiments like in social media strategy, or development projects I provide service agreement that includes 1) 30 days free support & 2) U.S Hours Working.

Upfront communication skills and your services are very crucial that builds long term relationship. Start of the Journey is very important. Initial 4-5 were referral clients.

Payoneer Vision: To serve the people. Over the years, there was a payment issue. For freelancers and companies, we want to help the industry. There was room for improvement in the payment industry. Software houses that have cross border work – there is a room for growth.

What is Payoneer: Cross border payment platform. For freelancers, working on Upwork, Fiverr, can transfer funds through Payoneer. And off the platform, directly with the client – Payoneer can help you with the invoicing. When clients pay you, it comes to Payoneer wallet, now a worker can withdraw the amount to a bank or debit card via Payoneer wallet. Payoneer to Payoneer transfer or for online purchases. Payoneer is best for seller or service providers.

How to Open Payoneer Account: It’s easy and simple. Fill out your details – upload scan copy of ID or Passport. Don’t Use crop images – it will delay the process. Once the account is verified, you’ll have the account with Payoneer and U.S bank account & routing information which you can use for payments processing.

Dos and Don’ts: Don’t tamper anything or hide anything. Like people make a test account and then want to change it later. The system doesn’t know your intention – it only knows your data Keep Basics documents correct related to identity and conform to terms of conditions of the platform.

Potential: Huge potential for sellers who are already working and do regular transactions, and for newbies. Payoneer vision in Pakistan is to help the software houses, freelancers or companies. We want to empower them and build an ecosystem. We want to create a community.

Rapid Fire Round:

1)    Cards delivery problem. If you don’t need card don’t go for the card. Card is expensive. We use local partners for card delivery – sometimes the problems comes locally or address not reachable. If not delivered, talk to support.

2)    Unable to reach support: Chat and the phone line is our central support. You can reach out or even contact me or marketing manager Priya or through FB Group.

3)    Foreign Currency Account: Few freelancers with foreign currency account are receiving funds in local currency instead of USD. But for a special need, one can contact me to get it done.

4)    We are working with the local banks, even talk to State of Pakistan for payment related issues and unnecessary documentation to simplify. And evolve this ecosystem.

5)    Merchants Accounts not available in Payoneer right now. But Payoneer existing users can open a merchant account with 2checkout through Payoneer and avail low rates.

6)    At Payoneer, we are always open for suggestion and improvements.

Kind of Freelancers Using Payoneer:  Payoneer is one of the options or only best options that serve the transaction needs of freelancers.

Future Work: Big Data has a big scope in future and app development among others. These are the work where the input is less and the output is high.

Corporate Benefits: Growing up is always a good thing to move to the next step. Corporate clients prefer to work with registered companies rather than individuals. Working in a proper way is crucial to growing towards the next step.

Learning: I can’t concentrate for long and digest in one sitting. Instead, I try to implement whatever learned or do the pending tasks.

Books Recommend: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Rich Dad Poor Dad

Tips for Newbies: Be persistent. Enter the freelance market with the right mindset. Identify interest and start learning from free online resources. Keep up to date with new technologies, apps etc.

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