“Why You Need Mentorship…”

HBG – Entrepreneurs Presents Freelancers Virtual Summit
Interview # 17 – Talha Khan, Host: Muhammad Yousaf
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How I started:  I had a deep interest in computers, blogging and then move into freelancing. Come to know about freelancing after searching for “how to earn online”. Also, my cousin used to work on Fiverr, and then I got to know more about Freelancing. Dig deep into it to find how it works, services and jobs on it.

Skills: Web Development, HTML / CSS. Providing e-commerce services right now such as WooCommerce store and Shopify store.

Ecommerce Market Potential: Dropshipping business is growing rapidly – no need to maintain inventory. Also, a large number of people are doing ecommerce. In freelancing, it also has good scope.

To learn WordPress CMS, & ecommerce store, it’s very easy for beginners. There are lots of free tutorials available on YouTube.

Clients Outsource Work: Due to low rates, U.S.A & UK clients prefer to get the time-consuming work such as web development from the countries such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh & Philippines.

Learning Resources:  Research through Google and Youtube. It is the best free resources for the beginner.

Why Fiverr: Fiverr is a good platform – its search engine is very advance both for clients and freelancer. I use to search services which I want to provide and see the top results in Fiverr to filter out results including top rated – this way I produce my own Gig. It takes me 1-2 days to build my Gig Services page. I have learned major steps through FB Freelancing Community & Groups.

How to Start: From the very start, a freelancer should need to be very careful – make sure to provide the best service to a client to get good ratings. Bad ratings in the start are very bad for your profile. In my case of web development Gigs, I use to deliver some extra tweaks to the client website such as optimize its site for page speed.

Revenue Earned: $5000+ in 2 years as fulltime freelancer.

Shopify Future:  I see huge prospects of Shopify, so would like to continue my services in that area.

If I had to Start Again:  I had to test everything in the past from learning to implementation. I must say if I had a mentor in my career, this would bring a huge difference.

Why Mentorship: Freelancers face huge hurdles in the start. For some problems, there are a very easy solution but we consume a lot of time – in the case of mentorship, one can save his time & energy following mentor’s guidelines.

Why Learning: Learning should be a continuous process and look out for people online and in the community who are related to your field – get the guidance of such people. I spent most of the time on these 3 resources YouTube, Shopify & WordPress.

For beginners, I would say freelancing is a good income generating opportunity. Newbies can’t see the potential of it. See its prospects. For pros, I would only suggest them to expand their business by building a team.

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