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HBG – Entrepreneurs Presents Freelancers Virtual Summit
Interview # 6 – Abdul Qadoos Wali Khan, Host: Muhammad Yousaf
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Introduction: Belong to lower der and a Software Engineer. Through FB post, got to know freelancing (logo design).

After graduation, started freelancing from home & applied for job initially, but soon realized that I can learn more from online. Build profile on fiverr, upwork but got response from fiverr only.

Revenue: Earned $1200 till to date.

Skills & Services: Graphic Design, logo design, brochure, book covers. Skills through Self Learning: Build expertise by learning from Youtube.

Tools Used: Started with Photoshop, Illustrator and practice a lot on them.

Regular Clients: Clients need design for Amazon Self-Publishing Book Cover. Build clients trust with time & always available online for work.

Implement Learning: Use to practice a lot on tools and learn consistently on Youtube.

How to Develop Creativity as Designer: Hisham Sarwar’s Advice – Watch 1 Video 2-3 times, close the video and practice it even if it takes your whole day.

Future Career Prospects: See lots of prospects in Blogging and Graphic Design as a freelancer .

Advice for Newbie Freelancers: Learn & Understand 1 Tool at a time and start only providing those services on Platforms.

Also, I use to follow Hisham Sarwar, Sandeep Maheshwani, Qasim Ali Shah for regular motivation & learning. Patience is a must in freelancing. Don’t leave practice. Use to practice each day in my spare time. Learning should be a continuous process.

Results for Newbies: Need patience. It takes time to get 1st order. Also, don’t compromise health during the struggle period. And improve your skills regularly.

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