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Interview # 2 – Ahmed Hameed
Host: Muhammad Yousaf
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Introduction: Muhammad Ahmed is been in IT Industry for the last 6-7 Years.

I was doing Intermediate when I get connected with International Company for some virtual support related tasks. They also inquire about my interest, which I said development. So, they also handover me some web development task of their site.

(Initially, I learned development online finding sources via Pak site, YouTube videos learning from there.)

The client asked me to develop a WordPress site following specific theme documentation. I deliver the work.

Interests: Seeing, my interest in development I started searching for courses nearby my area. Join a center, and learned HTML, JavaScript, PHP for more than 6 months.

In the meantime, Center Teacher advised us to apply for Job online on etc, which I did. I started getting interview calls. I use to give 3-4 interviews per day.

I got selected in one company, where I told them about my online experience in hosting company as a support member, little knowledge of Linux and Windows Hosting, with a little experience of coding.

They employed me – Initially worked as a front end developer for 2 months. Boss suggests me to do start backend PHP work with guidance from other colleagues. Meanwhile, I also got an offer from another company with high pay which I joined.

Our Growth: My 2 younger brothers also showed their interest during that time, and I tend to teach them the coding seeing their passion towards it. Both of them follow the same path as mine and progressed fast in the development field.

During those early periods of Jobs, we realized that we need to work for international clients and moved to freelance platforms. Initially, my younger brother started on freelance platforms.

Revenue: Our revenue from one freelance platform within 3 years stands at around $40000 including local and international clients. That’s only made possible due to our teamwork and dedication.

Team Working: We do the job at day time and freelancing at night. But later we decided to do full time freelancing and left jobs.

Working together as a team we handle all the aspects of freelance projects, including development, marketing, and client handle etc.

Freelancing Career: My advice to newbies is that they should pursue their career in any field but you should have interest and passion in it and be persistent in learning and exploring.

And in the start, everyone should have at least 1 year of experience in their respective field that can be helpful to know the aspect of the working etc.

In order for anyone to grow in freelance, communication with the client is of utmost importance. Give a timeframe for the project – meet your deadlines or even try to do the project before due time.

Client Onboarding: What do we see taking clients or projects on board? I take clients’ project complete detail and do the time calculation initially. Time management is very important in freelance projects. I see if it fits my expectation, or else try to negotiate with a client about time and rate and quote accordingly.

Advice for Newbies: My advice to newbies or those who are already working on the freelance platform is that always try to be in a learning mode, update your knowledge, skills around your core expertise. Only try to do those services in which you feel comfortable doing or have expertise or skills. Also, make good communication with the client. Charge your client according to your time frame, experience, and level of skill.

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