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Interview # 14 – Ibrar Hussain, Host: Muhammad Yousaf
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Introduction: Been in Saudia Arabia for the last 20 years. Was doing my own business – sale & purchase of power tools.  From 2000 onward I started learning the computer. And 2007 onwards, with the help of few friends we started our own work online.

Developed Inpage converter on UrduMehfil initially and few other things – also started a job in IT industry.

Why Freelancing: Huge interest in programming. I learned a lot of things from coding to design. Earning is very good.

Revenue Earned: From only one client earned $50,000  – been working with him for the last five years.

Job and freelancing: From the job I earned consistent income. A job is a must if you are in Saudi Arabia due to their laws.

Outsource Team: Code ninja company in Lahore. Have built a team there so that I can outsource a few time-consuming works from the team.

Time Management: With time management one can run easily both job and online work. So I would recommend doing top-level work & core skills work and outsource all the other work.

Strategy for Team:  For me, my brother in Pakistan use to handle the team. So this section is monitored by him.

Partnership: What to see in partnership – Honesty, sincerity, especially for small level partnership.

Advise: Be expert in one skill such as the development of E-commerce WordPress site, membership site.

Learning: From Lynda do most of my learning and update myself. Been in development for the last 10+ years.

Problems and solution: Programmer core skill is in customization. I use to meet client requirements.

Why Professional Content or Lynda: It helps you a lot. Gives you updated information. I started learning from Forums Tutorials from 2000 to 2007. I consume and waste a lot of time finding and filtering content best for you. I would recommend getting paid training to avoid time waste and it should be to the point

How to get clients offline:  In my case, referral clients & through Classified sites. If you deliver best and client is satisfied, you can have this client for long. Even if you have to provide free service in the beginning. For example, big clients’ projects which takes a long time to complete, newbies can provide free initial work, seeing the prospect of the project.

The difference of Market: In the Middle East market, dual language is a must i.e., English & Arabic – I have developed 90% websites with multi-language. People here share their project requirement in local classified sites; from there we approach the clients.

Pricing Problem: See the client if he is an individual or company. In the case of Web Development project, see if client’s projects can be completed with tweaks & plugins or have to develop altogether. For custom development project, I see how many entities to develop, its flow, time required for the entities, and then calculate the pricing. From your past experience, you know well, the total number of entities & how much time they will take.

Behind the Scenes: Client should know in deep all the required work to be done.

Tools I Use: Visual Studio for Programming & Coding. And a tool for time management.

Guidance: Back in 2000, I decided the development field, so I am on my Roadmap, without guidance, I have reached to this stage. If I have someone guidance, I should have reached this position much earlier.

During Failures & Downfalls: There used to be time when you have no work or earning. In that time, I use to learn new stuff. With knowledge, you can get things done. I work on .net & php. Front end development, Framework, JavaScript and all this became possible due to my consistent learning. If I need to outsource the same work, I know all the aspects of it and problems a freelancer faces.

Advice for Newbies: Should need to specialize in one field. For pros, they need to move to management – their skillset needs to be in that area & the essential tools/softwares.

Strong passion and interest in coding drive me to excel in this field & during all this period. Anyone who wants to change after a long period of time should think multiple times before making a decision.

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