“Trainer only trains you, while Mentor really helps you…”

HBG – Entrepreneurs Presents Freelancers Virtual Summit
Interview # 9 – Guest Muhammad Idrees Farooq
Host: Muhammad Yousaf
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Introduction: Trainer at ERozgar, Founder of IMSEO Club, Fiverr Super Seller

How I Started: Accidently, was in Debt. Used to do Job in UBL. Cosmetic Business was in Loss & cover up the loss, moved to freelancing. Seeing my friend who works online, I started the journey on UpWork. In April 2011, started working on Fiverr. For 5 Years worked on it, then to product launches, own startups.  It was a major life changing for me?

Students Fail in this Career: There is now saturation in the market due to lots of freelancers in the marketplace. The missing link is that there are no proper and necessary skills. Even matric or inter pass starts freelancing. Everyone is an expert nowadays. We are not producing skillful freelancers. Learn necessary skills, how to deliver client work and how to understand clients’work.

How much I Learned: I don’t know much about SEO, I was a good writer only. So started as a Writer & SEO Work. My real growth started when I bought Long Tail Pro along with Academy free access. That was a game changer. Also used to sell as an affiliate. Spencer haul used to give me personal attention. If you have a good mentor, you can go long. In SEO growth, there is a big hand of Spencer Haul.

Trainer/Mentor or Coach: Trainer trains you, Mentor help practically when you face the problem. Students have a confidant on a Mentor who knows the problem and helps you sort it out.

How to Identify Right Trainer:  People take them as granted. When you use to ask the question at Mentors’ level and not the basic question. You need to pay the price for mentoring.

Put personal efforts in developing skills such as selling skills, and the only people that will tell you who goes through the process.

Skills Identification: SEO is ever-changing if I have to sell on Fiverr. Keywords research, where to build backlinks. Students should do the analysis. Search Gigs – when you go through this process, you’ll start knowing the process.

Recurring Clients: I don’t sell to clients – Just tell them how much this works cost. I help them with their work. Use to tell them the solution to the problem. My relationship with the client is that I tell them the process, the price comes at the end.

Team Management: They are my partnership. I don’t pay people. I use to establish business with them. People work happily with me.

Hot Topic & Skills: Art of selling – For freelancers, it is a must. Learn the selling skill – get into the client’s brain – know what he requires, and how to fulfill his demand. People don’t read books. What is the sale process of Anthony Robbins? Engage thought process – Ideal Funnel. Attention, Interest, Desire/Action. You’ll automatically grow when you start learning.

Why Investment & Right Mentor: Invest and then you’ll get good learning. That Bill Hogel $2000 course has changed my life. After that, I have done multiple Product Launches and earned 10-20 times more than investment. I invest in a coach, rather than on product. A Mentor is the one who knows the market and how things work. There is a concept of scaling business and only the Mentor knows it.

If I Had Done Something Else: Probably if I am not involved in training, I should have grown 10 times in terms of finance. But the satisfaction level, I have got in all those years from my students is worth all.

Books Recommend: 7 Habits of Highly Successive People, Rich Dad Poor Dad, 80/20 Rule. One thing that I learned from 80/20 rule is that it requires the same effort and time for selling the $10,000 product or $1000 product. , DotCom Secret Book on Sales funnel, Nick Vujicic motivational books.

Tips for Newbie & Pros:  Ba Adad Ba Naseeb  Be Adab Be Naseeb. Respect those from whom you learn. For pros, I would suggest to be friend with a competitor and use to work in a mutual environment and build each other.

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