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Interview # 5 – Nadia Shoukat, Host: Muhammad Yousaf
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Introduction: Nadia is doing Front End Development, Data Entry & Data Scraping
She is Freelancing on Fiverr For 4 Months.
She’s got 1 Year Job Experience.

Q. How did you start freelancing?
A. I started with the thought of doing as self-employed.
Was doing a job before, but did not like it. And the 9-5 routine. I thought of starting freelance, after watching Chaudhry Ashraf, his profile, tutorials etc
Q. Was your job related to the technical field.
Q. Job Experience.
At different places including Internship. More than 1 Year of front end development. Started Freelancing, primarily from Fiverr. It took me a month before I got my first order on Fiverr.
Q. Was your 1 Year experience in job helpful in freelance.
Yes, that experience counts a lot. The academic learning was needed to be implemented in the practical field.
Q. How did you spend the time after quitting the job and getting work on freelance platforms.
A. Initially, I had an account on Fiverr since 2015 but got a message from client recently when he inquired about my no-order status. I told the client truth, that I have no idea how to work on Fiverr, the client did get impressed with my honesty. Then seeing my honesty client gave me my first order on Fiverr.
Q. Your advice to newbies
A. Newbies need to be patient as it may take a month or two maybe more. But eventually, you’ll get orders. Also, make your communication skills strong and build your strong portfolio.
Q. What’s your advice for making a good portfolio?
A. Include your job experience, links to the sample work.
Q. What’s your strategy for communications with the client?
A. It should be very professional, precise, clear, complete and accurate. Example, intro in first para, your experience in that particular field. In the second para, mention that you can send sample or free service. Also, client satisfaction is of utmost importance. Ask the client, if he is satisfied with the work or need revision. Also, ask for review/rating if he ‘has not given any.
Q. How did you learn about that client satisfaction should be a top priority?
A. It’s built-in, if I am to say. And you should not be greedy about taking more and more orders. Instead, focus on giving the best of your gig, and even give extra time after delivering the work, wherever necessary, so that client may come back to you in future.
Q. What kind of sample you provide to the client?
A. I provide the link to my portfolio, in my proposal, and it covers by experience as well as sample work. It gives a good impression to the client. And I also include the most recent work done for clients. And periodically update my profile.
Q. How important is profile review?
The review is very important. As in the case of Fiverr, after 10 reviews I get to Level Seller on Fiverr. I have got total 40 reviews in 4 months.
Q. Being a female, what you suggest to others female?
A. For females, freelancing is very important, and especially for those who don’t want to work outside. But they need to be very punctual.
Q. In your case you have any experience, learning, and skill. But what do you suggest for those who don’t have skill.
A. People can learn a lot of skills from free sources like Youtube.
Q. What’s your learning source for growth?
A. I always try to learn from different free sources such as Youtube.
Q. Any suggestions in your field for those who want to work?
A. Know client requirement, read it carefully. Only provide services in which you are expert.
Q. What clients are looking for & getting order successfully.
A. Main thing is your portfolio. And the budget is low. Reviews play a good part in getting orders from clients.
Q. Suggestions and guidelines for starters and other freelancers
A. In freelancing, ups and downs is a part of this journey. But you need to build your skillset, portfolio, complete your profile thoroughly. Gig description, an image should be clear and comprehensive.
Q. What do you do for the portfolio?
A. Make a portfolio website, and mention all your recent or past projects in detail.
Q. How can anyone connect with you?
A. Via FB
Yousaf’s Suggestion: People go for quick fixes
Nadia’s 1 Year experience has helped her a lot in freelance.
It’s better to connect with the relevant & experienced person in that field to gain knowledge and experience.

Nadia: I have got a lot of improvement in skills from my job experience and even from an internship.
I would recommend others to do a job so that to gain learning and experience, that will be helpful in your freelancing career.

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