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Interview # 11 – Guest Roshaan Saeed
Host: Muhammad Yousaf
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Introduction: Started as a UIX Designer while doing my second semester.  We started with Online Radio Station – running Blog at that time but there was a streaming issue, then move into other forms of blogging. My area of interest is in designing.

Following my seniors, I jump into blogging back then in 2012-2013. Used to sell Facebook cover along with additional service FB DP on Fiverr in $15 only.  

Done Umrah entirely from my earnings.

Got job due to 4-5 years of freelancing experience and portfolio

Why moved to Job: Professional experience is a must. Freelancers have very low professional skills. To taste the experience of corporate world I moved to Job and to know. And what’s the process – and how it goes. Everyone needs to do at least 1 Year of the job.

Corporate companies are not working at a low level. So I wanted to work in a Team. Worked as Lead Designer in one company & as a junior designer in another. There is a huge difference, working individually or in a team.

How to Find out Skill: Started with reading, lots of articles, there is a full website on UX design. Then I started buying courses from Courserra. And then implemented the learning without waiting for the work to come first. Implement on concept based products.

If your portfolio is not much, then you have difficulty getting work as a freelancer.

Quitted Job in June 2017. One rejection inspired me to build my portfolio. Joined Behance in October 2017 – Build portfolio & projects in a presentation. My profile grew in 8000 views in a month.

Behance is not a freelancing platform but gives you good exposure to your portfolio. Freelancers tend to not do public speaking. The main purpose is to bring new talents in front. Dribble the first event to be held in Pakistan.

Suggestion for Freelancers: You have to have Skills, even managerial skills. Learning is a must even you want to outsource work. Communication skills & management skill is must. 6 Months internship can also be helpful. You’ll learn time management & other skills.

Hurdles for Females: Few females have an inbuilt process to move forward, gather information and guidance to get going. The majority of females needs guidance and work experience to build their career. For them, I would recommend doing lots of reading. Females are hesitant, so skills should be built to have confidence and then improve communication skill.

How to close sales: Designer works speaks for itself. To present a solid thing to the client. Be honest with the client. A client knows – he is closely seeing your work. I got appreciation due to my work.

For Irritating Clients: Try to convince the client, communicate effectively with the client. In the case of design, if a client doesn’t know about it, then you need to know how to convince him – if you have knowledge & learning only then you can convince him. In my case, I only present one mockup design and do my best work for its 100% approval.

Pricing: See the requirement of client work. Clients often ask for 2 Screen work – he gives dashboard and further screens to the developer. I try to complete full project 10-20 screens. Because my experience with 1-2 screen project was not good.

Yousaf’s Suggestion: Client satisfaction is a must. For the freelancer, this is the ROI. If you are updated, only then you know and understand client & project management.

Team Management: During my job, I also analyzed it. Few organizations have flexible timing, but employees are bound to deliver work. There I witnessed the employees were more active.

To deliver work there is no compromise. Flexible timing, lots of fun activities and other.

Hiring Process: Don’t expect much from juniors. Ask a few logical questions. For seniors, can ask other technical questions. Attitude is the first thing I consider and whether If he/she is towards learning.

Tips for newbies & Pros: Those who have done a job are cheetahs – because they have both experiences. They are very improved in freelancing as they have job experience. Newbies should invest in the self-building – should do, under a boss, a lot of learning and experience.

Books Recommend: UXPin Blog, they have a large library of books. Don Norman Books for basic level – can start from there.

Startup:  During studies & freelance, I anticipated with the idea that designer should have a platform so started from Stripple. Employer after seeing your portfolio considers what skills you have.

Entrepreneurship is all about hardships and struggle one face and finds the solution out of it.

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