“How not to follow the rat race of our education system…”

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Interview # 3 – Saad Ahmed Khan, Host: Muhammad Yousaf
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Introduction: Belong to Karachi. Working in Digital field for the last 18 years. Started freelancing while studying in college.

Studies: I was an average student with just passing marks. Done a diploma in Business Administration. Was a frequent failure student in classes. Finally, left academic institution after multiple failed tries.

Soon realized that there is a gap in our current academic education system. I chose what I like to study for education and find alternate ways of education such as studying other skills like graphic design during my studies.

I was very fortunate to have good teachers that build me around those skills. I learned the phrase “Work Smart” from one of my teachers. The Internet is full of resources. You just need to have an interest in any field such as technology and there are endless possibilities.

Our Education System: There is a rat race in the education system – I soon realized it and start to ignore what people say and indulge in what was doing passionately.

Revenue Generated: $100,000+ through freelancing. I work as an Individual and very often work in a team.

Services Offer:  Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, SEO. For the last 8 years, I am providing Digital Marketing services.

How to Move Forward: I developed new skills to complement my previous skills. Teachers also guided me on this path. Would recommend following Mentor in your journey.

Research Report: Within the next 5-10 years, a successful freelancer knows 18 or more Skills so that to survive & grow in the competitive world.

How to Advance in Field: Core Basics & concepts of any field have not changed – One should know them & see where to invest their time. Follow any mentor of that particular field & develop skills.

Learning & Skills Development: You can learn any skill, requires only your time & effort. Mentor Advice and Words comes from experience. Failure is a part of Entrepreneurship Journey.

Services for Brands: For freelancers, one of the difficult tasks is to win, is the project. For me, I work within network & reference based. I am not entirely dependent on the marketplace. I would recommend building a market of your own – starting from close relatives, friends & circle. Show your portfolio – skills, and work done so far, to get clients beyond referrals.

There is a roadblock for freelancers to get Big local Brands on board. I would recommend them to invest a little and register yourself as a sole proprietor and make a brand name. You can show yourself as an agency with a team of skillful people.

Start communication with a company with an email to approach them and build a bridge – show them the services you offer, expertise & team. You can also do cold emails. I do cold emails such as do some sample Design Edit, SEO Edit, and then a Proposal sent to the company’s relevant person.

How to close Deals: Identify client’s pain point and the services you can provide. Understand the company’s requirement, perspective. See if your services adhere to their requirement. Also, you should have a backup for workload – see if there is a team or worker that provides the same services as you. As you can’t say NO to referrals clients even if you are too occupied.

How to do Self-Learning: Knowledge is very important & it is above skills. My experience with real estate, insurance agents, and recruiters has improved my knowledge a lot. Skills, in the same way, are also important. Also, I advise being specific to 1-2 regions so that you know in case of U.S.A, you may know its culture, language, people, interest, activities & growth. Follow Vloggers relevant to your niche & region.

Suggestion for Newbies & Pros: Study & complete your education, build & improve your skills & portfolio. Build your network; learn every day 1-2 hours. There is an abundance of resources & learnings on YouTube. For the skills, you are building, always complete certifications that are recognized & accepted.

Do certification:  In the relevant industry or niche. Like I have done HubSpot certification, content marketing certification, twitter flight school, YouTube certified, Facebook Blueprint certification.

Advice: Never stop learning & never stop for anything even if you are bad at what you do. Learn, develop & build yourself. Stop caring about what people will say. Everyone is different with abilities, talent & creativity – he just needs to explore it.

Yousaf’s Suggestion: Best investment one can do is self-investment. Do certification, especially paid one.

Parents won’t understand your point initially. Don’t force parents to understand you, just convince them with the work results – and do other normal being stuff along the way.


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