“Think out of the box. Stay Updated, Join forum & groups…”

HBG – Entrepreneurs Presents Freelancers Virtual Summit
Interview # 12 – Sheraz Ul Hassan, Host: Muhammad Yousaf
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How I started: First time got to know about freelancing in 2014. Actively started since Nov 2016. And mostly active on Fiverr.

One should have passion of learning. The freedom to work from anywhere, trigger me to search for online work & started creating account on different platform. Services Started Initially – Data Entry, Programming Basic Level

First Client: Got first client after 20 days and that client gave 21 orders in a row, $1000 in total Gigs amount. Big data technologies service & doing programming 24/7.

Revenue: Revenue generated $20,000 combine on all platforms. Use to outsource hourly project.

Status: Use to understand platform, its terms and conditions and follow rules and regulations. Got different badges and recognition such as top rated seller.

Big Data Technologies: It’s a new market in data management. It’s an emerging technology and expects it to grow in near future.

Platforms Difference: On fiverr you have to present your services as an advertisement  while on upwork you have to bid on project to get clients onboard. Fiverr is also a big marketplace.

Competitions on Marketplace: Tendency to explore new things has moved me to fiverr after upwork.

Learnings Growth: Learning around web development and improving skills.

Outsourcing: First project I posted on FB Group. Know the market and its rates. Search for competitive person who knows your requirement.

Filter Process: Have joined various platforms for different projects. Example for Big Data Project, I use Big Data Expert Group. Recommend freelancers to join various forums, groups related to different fields. After posting job, see response/approach of different freelancers. Select who has good profile, work experience.

Keep Deadlines: Stay updated with worker, and keep deadlines of project ahead of time.

Pricing: Calculate your time value minus 20% platform fees. Also, with good communication skills you can improve your price.

Bad Experience: Didn’t know Fiverr terms & conditions initially. You can’t communicate with clients outside the platform. There are couple of bad experience in the start.

Don’ts: Don’t take projects which you can’t complete.

Freelancing Career: Want to build a team of persons with mutual interest.

How to Proceed Onward: I follow Hisham Sarwar, Sir Yousaf Saeed Roadmap Program also motivated me to change few things and make a proper structure onward.

Advice for Newbies: Think out of the box. Enter the marketplace to explore & to get started. You’ll learn from your failures. Also, think ahead of your time – explore new trends & work.

Sir Yousaf’s Intake: You’ll come across various opportunities, some with quick money but in the long run it won’t survive. See if your current work has future, especially if its legal or ethical work. Know yourself – Self-awareness is very important. When you start saying NO to income generating opportunities that have legal or ethical issues, you are indirectly saying YES & to those opportunities that have Growth.

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