Freelancers Virtual Summit – Syed Sohaib

“How to Negotiate with Clients Effectively…”

HBG – Entrepreneurs Presents Freelancers Virtual Summit
Interview # 4 – Syed Sohaib, Host: Muhammad Yousaf
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Introduction: Graduate in computer science.  Freelancing for the last 1 0 years.  Also did a Govt Job. Learned development back then in 2003 – searched for related work but didn’t get a good response at that time. Initially made account on and tried to contact clients but did not get the response.

Use to search internet part-time during that period. With little to no response, my curiosity for online work grew more. After 2-3 months get a response from 1 client and this is how I started my freelancing career. And also left the Govt Job.

Services: Currently limited to a few services such as web development. Mainly I outsource most work. And do consultation as the main business.

Revenue Generated: $500,000+ revenue generated through online work.

Principles/Guidelines Followed: In my case, I have no idea initially – and also how to handle clients. Started learning around it, how freelance projects works, marketplace, projects bidding & amount. Tested sample projects to see how to proceed. The trial & error is a must.

Driving Force: I like Challenges and this drives me to unknown territory. Even my profile got suspended after 6 months due to work overload as didn’t deliver completed work on time. Then started approaching through LinkedIn, Facebook.

App store development was my high paying jobs for me, I see clients paying habits that pay $50-$100 per hour.

Do only those projects that you are 100% confident and can deliver quality works. That’s why I have a rating 5/5. This brings more recurring clients.

Negotiation with clients: Only talk work related stuff. Ask & see if a client is willing to pay high. Explain your point of view but don’t use harsh words. Do communicate in a professional way. Show your portfolio, pricing. Also give different samples of the same work such as $10, $20 or $100 sample and let client decide.

Things to Consider for Work Process: Project Management, Agile Approach, Delivery. Don’t take much that you can’t handle.

During the hard times, we use the specific strategy – we promise clients to deliver & complete project fast. Give them a discount to get things going.

Startups Problem: They are impatient. They don’t make strategies. There is an improvement in everything. Risk assessment – change your way or quit if you don’t see growth.

Feedback on Freelancing: You can do freely at whatever time you want to do. Freedom of time and place.

Advice for Newbies: I optimized my Profile on services that I can deliver easily. Clients reached out directly to me when I ranked my profile for specific keywords such as WordPress blogs. So I would advise newbies to follow system rules & regulation and get the advantage of it.

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