“Get clients trust, you’ll ultimately get work and success…”

HBG – Entrepreneurs Presents Freelancers Virtual Summit
Interview # 13 – Usman Ghani, Host: Muhammad Yousaf
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Usman Introduction:  A graduate student, freelancing primarily through effective use of FB platform. Domain transfer service, shifting domain brand & SEO.

Freelancing Option: It’s good for those who want to start earning without the need of a job, or leaving their studies.

Start of Journey: Got to know about Abdul Wali through Online Ustaad, and inspired by the fact that you can do work from home. Started watching Abdul Wali’s video and this is how my journey started.

Types of Freelancing: Got clients from FB Groups

First order: in last December got from a client value $10. Was providing FB services at that time. Gained the trust of client. And then got $500 order – Shifting local business to another branding name site without affecting its SEO.

Orders: Get custom order from Fiverr. If clients get satisfied, he will give other work.

Payments: Get payments from client in Skrill.

Platforms: Did not use Fiverr, Upwork

Services: My core service is domain transfer, hosting shifting without affecting SEO. Clients usually do the shifting primarily due to Adsense ban on site. And the client needs to be on the better hosting considering their requirements.

Awareness: KPK & Balochistan people don’t know about freelancing. The trend is too low and with little awareness. Even they don’t accept freelance is a genuine work.

Interests: Unfortunately, If I have known it before would definitely go to IT field.

Following: I follow Idrees Farooq and different other Gurus.

Skills Needed: Want to learn SEO, Internet Marketing more.

Strategy for Fiverr: Have Joined Different freelance Groups, to know Fiverr  and its Terms & Conditions

Last 6-7 Years: Was not consistent before – was only learning. Before 2017 was working on Youtube & different channels. But channels start to disable which forced me to start learning.

Client Work: Also managing client channels on youtube.

Lead Building: Thinking about working on it.

Yousaf’s Advice: Those people who are working on YT but are not working for branding. You should start giving services to those clients initially free to get future benefits from those clients. This process will be helpful in getting paid clients onboard in the future. We can only control how much effort we can give and not the orders we get. Only do the things that we can control. Entrepreneurship is all about serving people – successful freelancers are those who start giving from day 1.

Usman’s Advice: When you get clients trust, you’ll ultimately get work and success. Be consistent.

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