“Build Resources Legally & Ethically…”

HBG – Entrepreneurs Presents Freelancers Virtual Summit
Interview # 15 – Wasif Ali Khan, Host: Muhammad Yousaf
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How Freelancing Started: Got paid training on DVD initially (freelancing on Fiverr). But did more learning from FB Group than training. I also gave my support to the group by doing research on different topics related to freelance.

Findings: Problems of freelancer are somewhat similar. Like communication problem – as our neighboring countries have good communication with clients.

First Order & Work: Got my 1st task (Video Editing) of 3000 Rupees, offline from a friend in University and it was my first job as a freelancer. Started with video editing work, but somehow got it into PowerPoint related work. Integrate videos in PowerPoint presentation. Utilized my video editing skills into PowerPoint presentation Gigs.

Build Resources Legally & Ethically: Everything you use should be legal, use paid windows, office, video editing tools, templates etc. Clients often ask it if these are for commercial use. I mention the resources I use. Some clients agree and some don’t on the resources used. My Fiverr accounts blocked on the account of illegal resources used in my Gigs. Copyright protected resources such as designs, images.

Mentor Advice: Always try to use resources that you have bought and avoid illegal, pirated stuff for that will be helpful in building long term career as an online worker.

Wakeup Call: Fiverr account ban was a wakeup call for me, losing my clients & account. Soon got in touch with Sir. Yousaf Saeed who guided me in the right direction. Deposit photos, Stock images at a low price & license terms is very easy.

How I get clients: Network-based, reference-based & offline clients, through personal profile brand & reference.

Helpful Resources: Be connected with designers. Stock vectors, stock photos, templates, royalty free images, Envato market, shutter stock, deposit photos. Personally, recommend Shutterstock. – It has good research. For designers, Pinterest is a good platform, to find & research different resources for designs.

Tools Use Regular: Avoid tools other than Adobe Suite. Other tools limit your learnings. Also, utilize plugins & macros in Adobe more frequently to speed up work. Customize macro keyboard & mouse have changed my workflow altogether. It helps you in the workflow environment & repetitive tasks. Recommend mouse more especially and for freelancers.

If had to Start Over: Will do Personal Grooming. Get paid trainings – free trainings don’t give you the motivation to learn from it and implement it. Lynda Pruralsight.com for online workers and recommend courserra for university students. Low price courses come with low value.
You have to pay more to gain valuable knowledge. Courserra is also affiliated with universities & its certificate adds to your CV / Portfolio.

Yousaf’s Suggestion: Newbies can start from the free platform, but for growth need to move to experts/mentors’ trainings and invest in resources.

Investment in terms of time & money is a must for growth. Being a Muslim, fulfill your duties and follow Islamic guides in every aspect of life include online work.

Impose restrictions on yourself. Set targets which you can achieve. Don’t grow yourself unrealistically. Don’t enforce to do work that can’t be completed in a single day. Understand religion, things to do & not to do. Automatically, your life starts to improve. God will help you. Start learning but don’t use a shortcut. Only use the shortcut in combine/team investment form.

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